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Written on March 1, 2005 by megaman_steve

SOMEBODY PLEASE JUST END IT ALL....I feel like shit right now, Izzy is pissed at me for shrooming, and I know im not gonna convince her outta it this I guess im dead inside now..Im so lost and confused, why do I still have feelings for her...I dunno what the hell to do, I mean I can't have her, I dont have any one, Im alone, yea I got friends, but I dont have a girl...And I've always pretty much saw Izzy as the girl in my life as crazy as she is....I dunno if Ima get over this....I feel like I just wanna curl up and die inside...its like im not meant to be with anyone, it never works out, what the fuck am I doing wrong, im just never right, Im so sick of feeling alone, I dont even wanna breath anymore, im sick of it, im just so sick of it.....I want there to be a girl right here, right now, that I know cares about me no matter what, sitting next to me in my house, just chillen with me, that I love that I know loves me, that we dont even need to do anything but just be near eachother and we are happy.....Its all Ive every really wanted, was the one just for me...


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History has a way of repeating...
2005-03-01 09:35 (link)
Its obvious how she still feels about you, maybe your still looking for that answer. if you would be happy with her back, not much of your friends know her. So no matter what they here or say about her, only you will know actually what going on in her mind at the time. Considering how much shes always worrying and interfering in your life, looks to me like shes not really comfortable in her current relationship yet. That she still thinks about you alot mean something. Now i'm not telling you go try break her and "that other guy" up, just spend time with her. If it happens, it happens... Aleast spending the time with her you'll get alot of the answers that might still be swirling around your head. We can't have a world without Mega Man, who'll save us from wiley? Huh, tell me that smart guy.
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And you're all telling me to let go??? WTF???
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